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Als ik jouw tekst lees hoor ik jouw stem en dan goddorie heel fijn en zegt mij alles over authenticiteit. Kijk uit naar de volgende X Claudia

Haha, really like your "no-typo correction" stance from the last post. Actually an interesting way to write and read content. Made me chuckle reading you correcting typos in parenthesis :)

enjoyed your last post summarizing the two books on the current political climate/the narrow supremacy of rationality in western culture. thanks for sharing! -fruitkid

I really enjoyed your posts! I get the feeling we lead fairly different lives, but I could really relate to some of the feels you described in your posts earlier this year. Thanks for your sincere prose in what seemed to be an ocean of self-assured authorship. Your voice comes out really clearly. Also thanks for the book summaries -- not at all my field and I can't read the languages, so it was a nice glimpse of an entirely foreign field of study. I'd leave my email, but I'm trying to stay anonymous. Just thought you'd like to know that your stuff is, in fact, read!

Love your piece on open source software and mobile phones.