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Aotearoa NZ is awesome for coffee.

I haven't done much travelling overseas, but have done a little bit in Europe, Asia and Australia. Wellington and Auckland seem to outshine everywhere else in the world when it comes to coffee.

The specialty coffee places and roasteries here are very high quality. It's all organic, fair trade, single origin etc etc, and the branding for some of them are beautiful.

I've always liked coffee but only really started learning more about what is involved with running a café through my wife, who's been in the industry for many years. Over the course of the past year I've compiled a small list of my favourite coffee / coffee places in Auckland:

Kokako Coffee - organic, sweet tasting with a little bit of sourness. Really good stuff, and they run a beautiful café in Grey Lynn.
Coffee Supreme - fair trade coffee that's rich and clean tasting. Real hearty stuff, best for hot coffee (for some reason it doesn't hold up as well for cold coffee like Iced Americanos)
Atomic - fair trade, really well balanced coffee. One of my favourites as it is just really solid coffee and doesn't have any weird quirks
Altura - pretty decent coffee. It tastes like any ol' standard coffee, but there's nothing wrong with that. It won't blow your mind like Atomic or Kokako, but can't complain!
Allpress - again, pretty awesome and well balanced coffee. It won't blow your mind but it gets the job done and tastes good.
Peoples - only just started trying this coffee, tastes very very smooth and rich. Will be trying it some more but is on par with Kokako for me.

I would really like to try Millers Coffee, have heard good things about it!

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