The blues.

When most people think about the blues, they think about the south and by south they mean southern US. Well, I live in South Africa and nobody here likes the blues. Especially not the more gritty styles. When they talk about the blues here they mostly mean jazz, which is fair enough - there are a lot of good jazz musicians here.

I remember when I was at a gig one time and the lead singer, some chick in a kimono, opened with, "Who likes the blues?!" I sat at the bar, drinking my 5th or 6th drought of beer and thought to myself, "Nobody does. And you sure as fuck aren't about to play it." They went on with their completely soulless Son House cover and I just continued to get drunk.

If you can't tell, I am not an agreeable person. I don't like musicians. Most of them seem like they're pretending. I know that's pretentious but... even in punk circles, everyone wants you to join their fucking club. Man, the reason I play this music is because I don't like you and I don't want to be in your club or talk to you or for you to think that you have any fucking idea how I feel. I'm tired of that circle jerk.

You go on, you play your stupid song, you fuck off. That's my philosophy.

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