The weight of thought

What right do you have to talk about something you have never even done?

No, that's not a rhetorical question.

It's an actual question.

What right does one really have?

Thoughts have weight. Significant weight too. But ultimately, and probably understandably too, they are trumped by action, by the done deed. It's really not that much of a disappointment. If anything, it's nice to have that agency of action, to test out your thoughts in the lab.


I think it's about weight.

Thoughts carry weight. Like unbearable weight sometimes even though they are just thoughts.

But action, a 'done deed' carries no weight at all.

Once done, it's actually done.

One gets to revel just in the knowledge of having done something, no matter the output.

Interesting, isn't it?

If the goal is to stave off weight, then doing is the way to go.

If the goal is to reach the stratosphere of thought and climb up further, then voluntarily being trapped in thinking circles involving at least some amount of self-torture endlessly would be the obvious way to go.

Question is, how much weight can you handle?

And when that moment of un-handle-able weight does really arrive, can you gently put it down instead of being buried under it?

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