Note 6

Even though I admit to being unnecessarily complicated, I can't actually let those disheveled tendrils of chaos and derangement in my head neatly organize themselves into a productivity genius that feels exactly what it is supposed to feel at any given moment.

Such are the compulsions of authenticity. You can't change too much about yourself or you'll become a fake. Some things you are born with and must carry to the very bitter end.


Maybe it is that a complete transformation is unheard of. On account of being impossible to achieve that is. Not trying to put a dampener on enthusiasts but there is only so much upgradation a system can take before collapsing in on itself.

It's true. There are some parts of you that you must own. Exactly the way they are. It brings peace.

Peace is the true reward.

Peace is worth it.

Peace is the un-declared goal which when achieved terminates the project and tags it as finished single-handedly.

Peace, at least, is not unnecessarily complicated.

In fact, it's not complicated at all.

It just is.

And whether you know it or not, you are on a quest to find things that just are.

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