The Power of Imagination

Close your eyes, think about peace, calm, happiness. Now, tell me in as much detail, what you did imagined?

Then, imagine yourself in that scene. In your mind, look at yourself, are you smiling? what is your facial expression? what are you wearing? are you in shape? who is next to you? Question, when you imagined yourself, are you imagining yourself as you were as a child? as you are today? or as you hope to be in the future?

Now, keep your eyes closed, and change yourself in your mind's eye, become happier, become calmer, become more peaceful. Again, look at yourself in detail. What do you see? what changes did you make? As you changed, do you feel happier? do you feel the spiritual change that you underwent?

Now break it out into steps.... think about the change that you went through. What was your focus? was it your body? was it the material things you have? was it your expression? Or is it where you are and your environment?

It is much easier to change yourself, even in your mind's eye, than it is to change your environment. BUT, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive to put ourselves in a better place.... think about the journey. How you got from here to there. That is your guide..... Take baby steps and move along this path, and you will become a better version of yourself.

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