The idea of right and wrong is a social construct. However, this does not mean that as a society we should devolve into anarchy. Buddhism has the concept of Karma, where good deeds will help you, and bad deeds will come back and punish you. Science has the concept of the third law of motion, where for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In anthroposophy, there is a threefold law, which states that for every one step you take in the pursuit of knowledge, you should take three steps in the perfection of your own character. In paganism, there is the rule of three, which says that whatever energy a person puts into the world, whether positive or negative, it will be returned to that person threefold. In Luke 6:31 in the bible, it states, Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Importantly, the ideas of what is acceptable can change over time. For example, in a patriarchal family, the word of the father is absolute, and compliance and adherence to his word is above any other. Confucianism, places particularly emphasis on the importance of family and social harmony, even at the expense of your own wishes and happiness.

On the other hand, western education and culture often promotes individuality, reasoning, and debate, even with your elders. One of my favorite quotes is from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, "man is born free, but everywhere we are in chains". This quote sparked many debates and conversations when I was in high school, on what it means to be "a man".

Taking this into consideration. What does it mean to be alive in today's world? Do we just give up and live life as planned? Or do we, as the participant and a part of this world, do what we can to make it into a better place? Before birth, we chose our parents and became a part of this world. Thus, in this life, we need to make the most of it. If there is karma, we must do good. If there is science, our actions will determine the opposite reactions. If there is power in knowledge, then there is an even important need to look inward at our own character. If our spiritual energy affects the world, then we must be positive, and it will be returned threefold. If we believe that there is a God, then we should heed the lord's lesson and do to others as we would have them do to us.

Thus, to the women that had to face adversity, I stand with you. To women that experienced harassment or abuse, I will share your story. to my grandmother that singlehandedly held firm after my grandfather's early death, I pay my respects. To my mother, who always loved me, but is a product of her culture and society, know that I love you, but I may need to speak up against you so our world can be a better place. To my wife, know that my commitment remains unwavering and I will be here for you always. To my son, I will do my part to make this a better place, always believe in yourself and listen to the voice inside, that our family helped put together.

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