I wanted to write children's story books since I was 4 years old. I wanted to influence the world and win the Nobel price which my dad told me about.

Before I got schooled, I was already writing short stories with some stick figure illustrations on yellow pad paper. Unfortunately, I had to take a science schooling and so I barely honed my knack in creative writing. I took Biology though as it was the closest science thing I could think would help expand my creative palette with all that diversity of life and the magical beauty of how things come alive.

Now I'm 30, I feel like I've lost my talent, but I still want to try to take on Listed's 100 day challenge and specifically write children's short stories.

I was specifically inspired today since my dad shared about the top search topic today on Google--the name of the kingdom where Rapunzel lived was Corona. And it got me searching the origins of that story and also rereading the famous children's stories I've heard in my childhood.

And then, as I read some critiques, I saw how children's stories could have been affecting how society is today. I mean, the stories that we grew up with have significantly influenced shaping our minds and values, and maybe indeed our fate. So, I found a new passion for writing children's stories, now with a greater purpose - to shape the future.