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Today I heard

Today I heard some great advice that came in the form of a question:
“What aren’t you saying that needs to be said?”


I am currently re-reading "Meditations" by Marcus Aurelius. It's right up there as being one of my favourite books of all time, and have always gone back to it when I feel like I've lost my way a little.

I imagine what it must have been like for someone like Aurelius, on the battlefield when all of his troops were asleep, to be writing this document and trying to reflect on the human condition. His situation was the complete opposite of someone like Epictetus, a slave, and yet they were both dealing with the exact same issues.

Simple, meditative and poetic, I highly recommend this book to those looking to do some introspection and reflection.

Staying asleep today...

Tomorrow will be a good day
And today will be okay

Stormy days...

It's starting to really pack up in Tamaki Makaurau today. The trees outside are being hammered against the wind, and Mother Nature is making Herself truly felt


If you haven't heard Meek Mill's new album, I'd highly recommend it!

I hadn't really been such a fan of him up until now, but with this album I really feel as though he has reinvented himself. The songs on this album are really heartfelt and endearing, and really shows the level of reflection he's gone through since being released from prison.

Even if you don't usually listen to hiphop, give it a listen!

Missed a day

And it's been a pretty tricky day as it is
But hey
It's okay
Because at the end of the day
The ground will be under my feet
No more hiccups of the heart

Writing for everyday

Doesn't matter what it's about
Doesn't matter if it's good
Doesn't matter if it's bad
Just go for it
Go for it


There was a year when I wasn’t really sure of myself. I didn’t want to disappoint those around me, and yet I found myself doing so no matter how hard I tried.

Not knowing what to do, I sought the advice and counsel of someone much wiser than me. They told me this:

“You entered this world with nothing, and will leave this world with nothing. All that you have is the space in between”

In my effort to continually please others, I had lost myself. I had forgotten about the truly important things that make me who I am.

One day I will depart this world and move to the next. The fabric of my being is made up of countless men and women who came before me, and of those who have yet to enter this world.

They are always with me. When the time comes, I won’t be lonely. When the time comes, I won’t have to worry.


I once heard an artist say that he would have other people make work in his name, even after he had died.

“Someone’s got to support my wife and kids while I’m gone!”, they said.

This was a few years ago now. Ever since I had that conversation with them, it’s made me think about what will happen to the things I have made, including this website, once I’ve departed this world.

Will I have my computer continue to make work and exist in my name?

At the moment I am thinking about...

Dancing in a browser

Machines that play themselves

A work that can be done every day, in every room of the house