Standard Notes... notes


  • keep getting duplicate editor extensions installed for some reason - both desktop and mobile. Also got duplicate tags
  • sync seems to break if I have the same note open on desktop and mobile
  • no scroll "bounce" or elasticity at the end of a document/list on either desktop or mobile (Mac/iOS) feels weird


  • spellcheck using ~40% CPU. Checking after every keystroke?
  • no keyboard shortcut for "new note"?
  • Pasting "1:" in front of a line in the plaintext editor takes a really long time

Desktop extensions:

  • new Spreadsheet extension is amazing! Really shows what the system is capable of.
  • is the Extensions menu the only way to get back to the note list with the "No Distraction" extension applied on desktop? Would be nice to have a button or keyboard shortcut to enable/disable it.
  • can't delete a todo in the todo extension
  • can't mark a todo as "not done" vs. checked off
  • no way to group tasks (sections or subtasks)
  • Advanced Markdown editor doesn't recognize / format todos
  • Any way to do a Smart Tags selection based on the editor used? Would be useful for finding Spreadsheets and Todos, for example
  • Quicktag + Folders
    • adds duplicate tags (the selected tag, and any parent tags)
    • Tags on note view - would be nice if it just displayed child tags

Collaboration extensions:

  • could be Standard Notes killer app! Especially with the new spreadsheet extension in Standard Notes!
  • take a look at some of the CRDT libraries, especially what's being used by, and They seem pretty mature

Mobile (testing 3.0.0 build 4)

  • constant flashing of "saving / all changes saved" at the top of the mobile note screen while writing is really distracting. Could use something much more subtle?
  • any way to use FileSafe on mobile?
  • Some lower screen areas are difficult to access on iPhoneX (e.g. in a Spreadsheet)
  • can't reorder todos in todo extension on mobile
  • Minimal Markdown editor bugs:
    • Google keyboard and autocorrect don't seem to work (fine in the plaintext editor)
    • text disappears behind the keyboard
  • Tags view is confusing when using the folders view on Desktop. Would make me want to switch off the Folders extension and just use views instead... but then I would lose Smart Tags, which I need for customized views!
  • In the note options pane, I touched the tag button thinking it would give me a different view of the tags, was surprised that it was the "new tag" button. Might be better to somehow integrate a "+" symbol with the tag symbol
  • Really slow and annoying to load the editors every time you load a note. Any way to keep the editor loaded in memory? The delay would make me not use the editors feature.
  • Spreadsheets bugs:
    • tapping on a cell to edit it doesn't scroll the cell into view when the keyboard pops up and blocks the cell
    • third party keyboards seem to be broken (I use Gboard). Can't enter text at all

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