I started this notes blog to have a more frictionless way to post daily thoughts without the commitment of composing a full blog post. The #100Days challenge which requires writing and publishing a post every day for a hundred consecutive days seemed like an appropriate endeavor, particularly in this time of self-quarantining due to the coronavirus which necessitates more solitary activities. I'm interested in the implications of obligating oneself to capture a fleeting thought and develop it into a coherent narrative, every single day.

Consequently, I decided to publish these separately from my original blog to avoid any semblance of formality that would presumably permeate across when posting regular musings alongside somewhat more involved (or at least better formatted) posts there. You can peruse those here if interested.

I suppose this is a sort of microblog à la Twitter, but without the unavoidable social features on that and similar platforms which too often seem to channel instincts of approval, rejection, and other sociabilities (perhaps combined with the facade of anonymity) towards a hesitation to freely express, an oversimplification of nuance, and other such reductions in candor. I would hope this will yield better results for myself, but I make no promises in this regard.