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Hi all, I'm working on migrating MPK43 servers to CentOS8 and reprovisioning. Before I can test the provisioning process on the first device (worker-mpk43-130), there are one or two steps that need to be completed that require being MPK43, but a couple of my family members tested positive for the virus (they are ok just a little under the weather), and though I’m symptom free, still self-quarantining to be safe.

So i won’t be able to go into the lab to complete these steps. Was wondering if anyone who’s in MPK43 today might have time to help me with the following:

For worker-mpk43-130 (which is currently located in the portal lab room in MPK43):
* get the iDRAC MAC address (found on the pullout card in front of the server)
* get the machine’s asset tag (should be already attached to the server, most probably on the pull out card on the front, but if not will need to add a new asset tag sticker to the server)
* plug in worker-mpk43-130’s iDRAC 1 gig port, with ethernet cable, to a network drop
* enable IPv6 for iDRAC (reboot up the machine and while it is booting up, go into the lifecycle controller and set up IPv6 to be enabled in iDRAC settings)

For worker-mpk43-51:
* get the machine’s asset tag (same process as for mpk43-130)

These shouldn’t take more than 10-15 min in total. If anyone at 43 today would be able to help me out with this, would really appreciate it!! These steps are blocking provisioning worker-mpk43-130 and ultimately the rest of the machines in 43, so it would be great if we could take care of them today.

Let me know if anything’s unclear or more info would be helpful. Going to be making a quip doc with this info, will post that here once I create it.

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