I thought I'd create a page for tools I use. Some of these may have affiliate programs which means that I do earn rewards or a commission if you sign-up via the link, but the things listed here are actual products I use and believe in. You can always feel free to put the company name into a search engine and sign-up directly but it doesn't cost you anything more and helps me to be able to create more content.

Last Updated August 31, 2023. Just getting it started, more coming soon.


omg.lol identifies as the best internet address you've ever had. It includes a great variety of tools including:

  • A Profile/Web Page
  • Email Forwarding
  • Pastebin
  • PURLs
  • Fediverse (Mastodon Instance)
  • DNS
  • Statuslog
  • Plus new features that are in Beta such as Pictures and Weblog

You can check out my page here and to learn more or sign up for your own go to omg.lol. Also everything about them seems like such a great company to support.

Standard Notes

While it's possible you discovered this page as it's part of the Standard Notes Listed blogging platform, if not Standard Notes is a tool you should check out. It's an open-source, end-to-end encrypted digital notebook. The product is entirely funded by paid subscribers so isn't at the mercy of venture capitalists. The software is audited for security and it is possible to self-host for the more technically inclined.

The company has an excellent philosophy and has free and paid plans. While the price for the paid plans may seem higher than you may be used to keep in mind the company doesn't profit off of your data.

Book Like A Boss

I'm not doing a lot of freelance work these days but Book Like a Boss is the tool I do use to manage scheduling and selling services. It is great for consultants, coaches, trainers, or anyone who needs to schedule clients.