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Dr. House will yield to Deep Mind

"Dr. House will yield to Deep Mind". I chuckled at this quip from Dr. Ran Balicer's 2016 TEDxTelAviv talk, "Medicine transformed: the algorithm will see you now." Dr. Balicer is one of the speakers whose talks I want to see at HIMSS 2023. Not just because of his innovative work focusing on data-driven preventative medicine but – after seeing this talk – because of his views on the changing role and value of physicians. Don't misunderstand me – the ability to often detect chronic kidney disease...
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Can Value Proposition Design Save Lives?

"...  hospitals are not rewarded for saving lives, they're rewarded for doing more procedures. When we prevent a patient from getting septic, some hospitals lose money." As a part of preparing for HIMSS 2023 next week, the Janea Systems team has been consuming content from speakers whose talks we want to attend. The speaker, in this case, is AI healthcare trailblazer Suchi Saria and the heartbreaking quote is from her 2020 TEDMED talk on overcoming barriers to AI adoption in hospitals. Watchi...
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Pausing for Thought: A Tale of AI and Hot Takes

Hot takes on the "Pause Giant AI Experiments" open letter from the Future for Life Institute abound but how many of us took the time to actually read the letter? Or better yet, familiarize ourselves with the Institute's work on AI safety? Yeah. That's about what I thought. Even Elon Musk found time to sign the open letter – and that's while he's dealing with multiple lawsuits involving AI and while also ethically and financially burning Twitter to the ground. All part of the 4D chess game, baby...
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