End of Gsuite Legacy (mail migration)



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  • /r/GSuite - All migration posts have been restricted to the megathread because the mods don't want to get spammed with threads.
  • /r/GSuiteLegacyMigration - small and new sub dedicated to this topic
  • /r/DataHoarder - Lots of DataHoarders have been abusing Google's lenient stsorage policies, so you might catch some news on this sub.
  • Bogleheads discussion - has a bit of info relevant to admins looking for alternatives
  • Some dude's blogpost - Gives an overview of the various alternatives floating around preying on Google.

Migration Notes

Someone on /r/gsuitelegacymigration made this spreadsheet comparing different providers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Gu8FFyNY1Y9X69kHmJvkI0fLv8GaK-5B6HnQZZzo1Nw/edit?usp=sharing

No Migration (pay)

as many aliases as you possibly want. Catchall ok
It's Google, you have literally 0 privacy.

Someone tested to see what happens to account features when the Gsuite license is cancelled: https://teddit.net/r/gsuite/comments/s8tjdt/gsuite_legacy_dont_panic/htkuag9/#c

No google voice for workspace accounts (as of 2022/01/26)

Personal Gmail migration

How to migrate from gsuite to personal gmail: https://teddit.net/r/gsuite/comments/s8tjdt/gsuite_legacy_dont_panic/htlvv9c/#c

Commandline based email backup/restore: https://github.com/GAM-team/got-your-back

Google Voice

You have to port your Google Voice # to a regular consumer account if you want to keep using the number (doesn't transfer any call history, contacts, or credits) https://teddit.net/r/gsuite/comments/s7t45q/g_suite_legacy_free_edition_accounts_being/hteq9ri/

You can now go to Google Voice settings to start the port-in procedure: https://voice.google.com/u/0/settings

The full instructions are here: https://support.google.com/voice/answer/1065667#xferin

You must do this from within the 48 contiguous US states. You cannot port in a number from outside the US -- this is a fraud protection measure.

You can transfer your Google Voice number to a regular consumer gmail account pretty easily. Just open Google Voice with that new account, accept the terms & conditions, but hit skip when it asks you to choose a number. Then just go into your gsuite account, log in to Google Voice, and use the "Transfer" button.


A LOT of alias... 600 iirc
custom domain with catchall ok
HQ in Australia, servers in USA (lmao)


3 euro/user/mo
50 aliases
custom domain with catchall ok
I already have a mailbox.org
HQ & Servers located in GERMANY
Team accounts


$8/mo (no multi-user option?)
10 aliases
custom domain (limit 1). Catchall possible with paid plan.
Retarded focus on privacy/anonymity etc. You pay the premium for that shit. Unknown if it supports IMAP/JMAP. Has self-destructing emails and dead man timer.



Tutanota (no external clients allowed, deal breaker)

Disadvantages of Microsoft Office 3654 Family Edition: No catchall (business edition only), aliases act as login usernames (!?), no advanced group email routing, 6 user limit.

Review pf Infomaniak


Paid services for forwarding emails from an alias to your primary email.


Domain masquerade: Receiving using alternative alias/forwarder services plus MailGun to forward from external mailbox - lots of technical setup, mailgun might charge ($0.80 per 1k messages forwarded), ??? Needs investigation.

forwardemail.net - ?

mxroute - apparently they have a lifetime plan?