The 100 Day Challenge

So. Write for 100 days hm? Like most people who start this challenge, I think thats a little nuts. Who has time to write for twenty minutes everyday for 100 days? I haven't done anything for 100 days in my life - outside of the basic human care things. Even then I have not done them for 100 days in a row at any point. I forgot to eat, sleep, brush my teeth and so on.

I guess for this to work I am going to have to put a calendar event somewhere. I always end up forgetting things if I do not write them down. It is not that they are not important to me, I just don't trust my mind to keep track of things for me. I would rather write it down - and use something like Standard or Things and just have it keep track of everything in my life.

The human brain isn't good at remembering things, its good at creatively solving problems and coming up with crazy shit. Maybe at some point we will have embedded micro hard drives in our heads that store petabytes of photos, visual memories and even thoughts we had. Until then - I will just use the tech tools available.

Now that I think about it - even if such a machine brain interface was possible, I would not want it. Think about it - at any point someone would be able to access all of your intimate data? No thanks. Unless we took the end to end encryption approach where only I could decrypt data. That poses the risk of someone loosing their secret key and thus loosing access to years of their life?

It's a complicated issue, no doubt. Whenever I think about the future, I naturally think about human replication and even digital replication in the cloud. If at some point we can replicate ourselves digitally in a cloud - which version of myself would be me? The original would have to be me, and the copy would essentially be a new identity. It's strange to think of this, because we have been bound by biological factors for so long. Things like living forever, or never having to sleep, or never having to eat or deal with disease seem foreign to us.

I do wonder how our DNA would respond to this. We have embedded memories and things we know how to do from birth. What would happen if we transferred the human race completely to the cloud. Would we still be human? We could create new life at will digitally. Would they be a life form?

Now we start diving into the concept of the soul and spirituality. This is not something I am prepared to dive into, because I have not come to a realization myself regarding this. I am on the fence right now. I believe two things as of now.

One: this is all we got. We are born, we live, we die. All of our experiences are finite, and what we make in this world is our life. When we die - that is it. The only essence of our existence is the ripples we made by influencing other life forms. Thus, in essence we live on through them as they carry out our thoughts, actions and teachings.

Two: there is a concept of a soul and an afterlife. At some point our soul leaves our body and we make it into the spiritual realm. I believe this because there have been too many times where things just lined up that it could not have just been a coincidence. By believing in a soul, by extension, I believe in a God.

So, when we think of human immortality and transferring into the digital space from perspective one - it makes sense. All we are doing is extending our experiences with our environment infinitely.

However, when we think of immortality and the digital space from perspective two - things get messy. Does our soul transfer to our digital body? Does it fragment each time we make a copy - or does the new copy not have a soul? How then do they function? By logical extension - one could then conclude that human being can exist digitally without a soul.

So if humans exist digitally, and they do so without a soul - then concept one applies. Its all a bit crazy to wrap my mind around. I feel like an ant trying to comprehend how to build a multi mile suspension bridge over a vast body of water. It just does not compute.

Perhaps this is just the limitation of the human mind - we can not imagine things that do not apply to us as we are. Humans life and die - therefore - immortality is not something we can comprehend. We need to eat, and we suffer - therefore not eating, not suffering and not sleeping - is something we cannot wrap our minds around.

I would be curious to at least know how we would respond to never having to eat again. If we could directly inject the nutrients that our cells need into our blood stream. What would happen to our organs then? Would they eventually go away?

Evolution has taught us that they would - over thousands of years. What would a human look like with no digestive organs? I kind picture a funny looking concave character in my mind - with space for only a heart, lungs and a spine.

Ugh - it has been fifteen minutes that I have been writing now. I think this is enough for today.