No title

fuck it
lets write something
fuck what is up with life eh
the things i cannot understand drive me crazy
i know its ok to not understand some things
so empty
ideas come in and out of my head
nothing matters like nothing at all
im scared
not sure of what
i feel like a mute
but i know im enough
i guess its the same as someone who’s blind or crippled
what makes someone in that spot want to live life?
connection with the infinite
and staying there.
i am connected to the infinite
im nobody, nothing.
just floating energy.
learning to accept everything around me.
life feels empty
not depressing, just empty.
thoughts flow in and out.
and im here.
stuck and free.
i lost everything
my mind, my identity
just to connect.
was it worth it?
my body is an empty vessel
silent and hollow
dead space
and even through all this
i smile and dont know why
guess i understand the big picture
guess i know the world’s gonna be alright
so there’s nothing else then
hey atleast i wake up better that i used to eh
definitely need to smoke some weed soon
and NOT escape in pornography haha.
Thats all im out.

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