Hunters Hill, NSW

You should have IP of if you check on


Firefox --> Preferences --> General --> at bottom of page, you'll see "Network Proxy - configure how firefox connects to the internet" then click the "Settings" button

--> in the popup window, click click "manual proxy configuration" and where it says "SOCKS HOST" there will be 2 text boxes. In the first box next to "host", type in the IP address.In the second box saying "port", type in the port number. Don't include the " : " anywhere. Make sure SOCKS V5 is clicked not V4.

Make sure all the other boxes are blank. Don't change anything else aside from ticking "Proxy DNS when using SOCKS v5" then click OK. 

That's all!

If it is really slow, go back and unclick "proxy DNS" and it should be quicker. Be aware they are slower than usual anyway.