Microsoft Surface Earbuds Review

In today's blog post I will be considering how well the surface Earbuds performed over a four months duration in line with their price tag of £200 new. How well they performed in sound quality, the app and special features.


In this first paragraph, I will be considering how the surface earbuds interact with apps in case the Microsoft ecosystem such as Microsoft Office and Spotify. Microsoft advertised them as productivity devices to be used with Microsoft Powerpoint. This was the main idea of having such a large touchpad, so that it was possible and easy to navigate the clicker and progress the slides. They positioned many of the Office features of the earbuds as translating and the dictating to Office. These are features not exclusive to the surface earbuds but are inclusive of all earbuds.

The Surface Audio app is the app that needs to be installed so that you can use the earbuds. The has the basic features of being able to control the bass of the earbuds and will notify you if the earbuds are connected to the phone. The issue with the surface audio app is that it is not available on linux nor will the earbuds connect, showing a disconnect between Microsoft and Linux. 

The sound quality of the surface Earbuds are very good, they are very crisp and clear and have the same processor as the original Surface Headphones. The Surface Earbuds make it easy to hear each instrument available on a track but the lack of bass can often make a song under-deliver. The biggest problem with the surface Earbuds will mean that they are unsuitable for travelling because you cannot turn up the volume high enough to avoid hearing the sounds around you.

The other issue with the surface earbuds is that the size of them. As Microsoft's main intention for them is to be a PowerPoint clicker, the touch controls stick out of your ear and look like a satellite. It also means that if you nudge it they are more likely to fall off. 

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