Learning Python and ML

What I learnt last year. Data structure libs numpy pandas Visualisation libs matplotlib seaborn plotly and cufflinks Typing typing Code Formatters autopep8 Linting pylint Testing unittest pytest Frameworks django flask Scrapers beautifulsoup scrapy Datasets kaggle.com google datasetsearch reddit who data un data world bank data Package managers pip poetry pipenv Tools jupyter notebook jupyter lab Data science services metabase superset Scheduler s...
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Testing listed This is going to be fun! I am taking up the 100 day writing challenge! Lets see how this goes. Now ready to publish. Lets put some lorem ipsum. Ad eum incidunt ut qui non itaque et. Molestiae rerum cupiditate excepturi quos tempore excepturi occaecati. Ea deserunt praesentium quis tempore delectus dolore. Soluta et aspernatur vero. Numquam esse qui dignissimos eligendi est. Fugiat eaque placeat et quis animi consequatur. Sed ducimus corporis quis. Quidem unde voluptas aliquid. Pe...
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