The Magic of Snow

The deafening silence was broken only by the crunching snow under her feet. Sam was in awe with the beauty all around her. White covered everything, the trees, the roof tops, the car her and Steven had parked only the night before.

When did it snow this much, she thought to herself. The skies were clear last night that’s how we were able to make love under the magic of the Northern Lights.

Looking around like a giddy school girl, Sam knew she hadn’t been this happy in a very long time. She hoped Steven felt as happy as she did. Rounding the last group of trees into a clearing revealed the bubble. She started giggling as she thought, there’s mine and Steven’s love bubble. Let’s hope we don’t pop it with all the heat.

Walking gingerly she hoped the crunching snow didn’t disturb Steven as he slept. Just then she saw movement. Steven sat straight up in bed calling her name.

Sam set down the bags she was carrying and picked up a ball of snow and threw it at the bubble. Steven spun around to look at her. She could see the fear in his eyes. The smile melted from her face as she scooped up her bags and hurried to the door.

“Where have you been?” Came shooting out of Steven as soon as Sam opened the door before she could slide inside and shut the door behind her.

“I didn’t want to wake you, I knew you’d be hungry after the marathon last night,” she tried to explain as fast as she could to calm him down. “Ordered some groceries to be delivered to the lodge. I didn’t want us to have to leave the bubble again today.” Slowing her speech as she talked to help ease his tension. In a low almost whisper, “I have plans for you and you’re going to need your strength.” A sinister but coy smile spreads across her face as she looks to Steven for forgiveness.

“After your run fiasco I got nervous. I didn’t know where you were. I didn’t know…” Steven’s shoulders slump as the instantaneous spike of adrenaline was no longer needed. “Please don’t do that to me again.”

Setting down the bags of food Sam walked over to the bed and wrapped her arms around Steven. “I’m so sorry to frighten you. These past few weeks have been tough on us both. It’s naive to think we could run away from all the drama and assume the emotions would stay away as well.” She held on tight to him, “I will leave a note next time.”

After a few minutes both their bodies started to relax. “Are you hungry?” Sam asked as she pulled back to look at his handsome face. “I brought some muffins and fruit,” she said as she turned to go for the bag.

“Not yet,” Steven said as he pulled her back to him. I just need to hold you for a bit longer.

“Okay, but let me take my coat off. I feel a little over dressed.” Sam stood up and unzipped her coat letting it fall to the floor revealing a white sweater that looked like a fuzzy swirling snow storm. Steven reached up to pet the sweater. “Ooh, it’s like my very own life size teddy bear.” His hands exploring the softness as he wraps his arms around Sam’s body and in a swift move, that looks like they’re dancing, he dips her and lays her gently onto the bed.

Sam whoops at the surprise and giggles as she lands. Steven stares at her fluffy covered belly as he slowly works his thumbs under the hem of her sweater. Caressing her skin with his thumbs he starts to slide her sweater up and reveals her navel. He pauses his finger progression as he takes a minute to kiss around her belly button. With his tongue enjoying the inner recesses of the tiny crater for a moment his attention returns to his exploration. As he advances so does his deliberate moist caresses. His thumbs come to a stop as they reach the base of what promises to be an momentous climb.

Lifting his head to meet her gaze, “no bra, huh? Well played.” His eyes smile with excitement. He pulls the sweater out far enough to allow his head access. Burying his head in her sweater Sam laughs as she peaks down the neck hole, “what are you doing?”

“Shhh, I’m on a quest to summit these snowy peaks. It takes a lot of concentrations. Now concentrate.” Sam can’t help but laugh again as she feels his warm tongue circle it’s way up her left breast till it reaches the peak. Once he takes her nipple inside his mouth Sam is no longer laughing. She takes a deep breath in and releases a low moan. Flicking her nipple with his tongue Sam’s pelvis spontaneously presses against Steven’s body.

After his tongue conquered both breast his hands finish working the sweater off Sam’s body. His mouth isn’t done. There’s still work to do as he heads back south. Stopping to play with her navel while passing by he finds himself at the waist of her jeans. Making slow work of her button and zipper, he opens them like a new book wanting to be consumed. Ebbing her jeans down her hips he stops. Looking up to catch her eyes he looks back down as he traces her stretch marks with his finger and kisses them one by one. Sam smiles as she weaves her fingers through his hair.

A man on a mission, he continues to peel her pants off revealing hot pink panties with black lace around the waist as if a bow on top of a gift. Steven stops to admire her as she stares up at him in anticipation. He finishes unwrapping his gift and with one hand on each leg Steven presses them apart as he crawls up her body and slides his engorged shaft inside her. Her legs envelop him, their bodies writhe in unison. Her hands on his back pulling him, wanting him deeper inside her. His thrust obliges her desire. Harder. Deeper. Their bodies continue to speak to each other without saying a word as if they’ve been enjoying each other for years. Both cresting their apex in union.

Steven collapsing on top of Sam as exhaustion takes over. “I think I’m ready for some food now,” he whispers in her ear.

“I think I have just what you need,” she laughs.

“Yes you do.”

Bodies entwined, they lay in each other’s arms not wanting to be the first to let go. “Can we stay here forever?” Sam whispered. “I don’t want to go back to reality.”

"What if I have something amazing planned for you when we get back?" He whispered back.

Moving her head to the side to look him in the eyes, "Something more amazing than this?"


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