AngularJS by Google is an open-source JavaScript framework released in 2010. This is a front-end JS framework you can use to create web apps.
It was created to simplify the development and testing of web applications with a framework for MVC and MVVM client-side architectures.


  • Supports 2-way data binding
  • Uses directive to insert into an HTML code and provide the app with better functionality
  • Quick and easy to declare static documents
  • Its environment is readable, expressive, and fast to develop.
  • Impressive extensibility and customizability to work with
  • Built-in testability and support for dependency injection

Use cases:

  • To develop ecommerce applications.
  • Developing real-time data apps for weather updates
  • Example: YouTube PlayStation 3 Note: Google has ceased active development of AngularJS, but theyโ€™ve promised to keep it on an extended Long Term Support until December 31, 2021, mainly to fix security issues. Google will no longer support it after that.

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