Societal Rules (Things I have noticed)

As humans, we live in a well systemised and functioning society. It is like a huge family where everyone can thrive and grow to become extraordinary individuals. The society has some rules that are meant to be followed by the members of this huge family to keep everyone safe and secured.

However, a valid question to ask is are these rules fair and just? Are these rules keeping people safe or are they making people the victim of cruelty and unfairness?
Over the summer holidays, I had the chance to connect with people all over the world through their ideas and experiences. Even though this was through social media, I have learnt a lot about sexism.

I have noticed that instead of society being one large family where everyone is celebrated for who they are, the people or the members of this "massive family" are divided into multiple categories, some superior to the others. If we talk about sexism, society has divided the people into two groups, men and women. Since the men are supposed to be the "stronger" sex, they are considered to be superior to women. To further divide the two sexes, the society has created gender norms which suggest that women are supposed to be the one who takes care of the house, cooks and cleans, produces children and takes care of those children and their upbringing. On the other hand, men are supposed to be the ones who work and earn for the house, make important decisions and inherit property.

These gender norms are obviously restricting for each and every individual but due to societal pressure, we have somewhat blended into these norms. However, constricting people into norms and stereotypes isn’t fair and wise. Not only does it create a rift between different types of people who have different experiences, but it also forces people to deny their individuality to fit in with the society.People shouldn’t be forced to act a certain way. Everyone should be able to do and live whatever is true themselves. Only then would society be one big happy family.