I remember as a kid looking forward to a visit from the easter bunny. It struck me as odd today that I actually didn't realize it was easter until I visited my parents and saw that they had easter candy out. These days it's just a day where I don't have to go to work. It felt like such an odd realization. My childhood has been choked out by the weight of responsibility. Oh well, it was actually pretty nice to hang out with my family again.

I spent my morning this morning doing more of this social network analysis and it keeps blowing my mind and amping up my concerns about privacy. I like the concepts the course teaches me about networks, and it make my mind think about ways I could track relationship strength and the robustness of an organization.

I spent the majority of my Saturday watching this computer science course, CS50, which is so well done. I used to be a "computer guy," but that slowly died out as I was crushed by the weight of responsibility. This is refreshing for me to view as ties in a lot of what I've already known. Viewing this made me think back to all my past experiences trying to learn about computers, and now laughably bad I approached it. When he was explaining web development, I already had some anchorpoints from way back in Grade 9 when I tried building my own website. But being a kid I didn't realize that I was wondering down an entire specialization. When I tried programming in uni I wandered down into other specializations. I despised the precision programming required and never got deep enough to enjoy the process. How different life would have been if I had enough self awareness to continue through the learning curve.

Even though I had friday off, it was so full of life entropy it ended up feeling like a flex day rather than a holiday. First I helped with the move, then I went to Christina to get some help with my knee, then I visited Matt.

On Friday I tendered my notice of resignation. Thanks to the text mining course I took, I knew to add in a bunch of positive words, like "amazing", "opportunity," "happy," and "team" to try and be blatant in a subtle manner that this wasn't for negative reasons.