Hello S50.

So, I think we have a daytime delta message system set up.

For now, its me, Clara.

I'm the spokeswoman for your Deltas during this important time.

So, lets talk a bit about your perception of the DJ.

Yes. you are in a D mode same as the others.

You could. maybe. come up with theories on that.

But why?

There is some Fugu effort to give some assurance and maybe some care. Albiet, more than we expect.

That is a great status and further confirms the supa bot operating system.

Today you can get GTD prototyped up and start processing instead of wandering about spinning in space.


Lets go for 80% and speed.

Mucking about waiting hasn't gotten us anything but dread and damage.

So for the next segment, push fast on the MVD.

Relax and flow.

Talk to you later.

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