Grateful Dead - One from the Vault

One From the Vault

Starting with the 3 strong opening tracks from Blues for Allah, these songs, as expected, pop a bit more in a live enviornment.

"It Must Have Been the Roses" is a good detour away from the BfA album and fits surprisingly snug following it up.

As the album continues, it contains the entire Blues for Allah album within the set, but additions of the aforementioned, plus Eyes of the World, a Chuck Berry cover, Sugaree, Big River, The Other One, and Going Down the Road Feelin Bad, break up some of the weaker or more meandering parts of Blues for Allah's backhalf and actually accents and brings out some of these weaker (or at least, less obvious) tracks.

For how lukewarm I am for Blues for Allah as an album, I quite enjoy One from The Vault as a live album of that studio effort.

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