fabric-sdk-py 2019 internship


This project aims to provide a python SDK for the latest fabric(1.4 at the time of proposal). The functions since fabric 1.0 have been supported, including create/join channel, chaincode install/instantiation/invoke, etc.) and more functionalities are under implementation. The intern is expected to read issues on jira and help completing the tasks, including refining APIs, enhancing test, creating sample applications and so on. Besides, performance improvement such as asynchronous transaction sending/receiving methods are also considered. Furthermore, chaincode in python could also be supported.

Additional Information

The wiki is https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/fabric/Hyperledger+Fabric+SDK+Py and rocketchat #fabric-sdk-py

Learning Objectives

  • Contributing and collaborating in an open-source project
  • Advanced understanding for DLT(distributed ledger technology)
  • Understand the basic workflow of fabric
  • Being able to implement features for SDK

Expected Outcome

  • Complete the functionalities of sdk for fabric 1.4
  • Refined documentation/test/API
  • Other open objects that align with the existing roadmap

Relation to Hyperledger

Hypereldger Fabric

Education Level

Undergraduate student or graduate student.


python 3; grpc/protobuf; crypto; asynchronous programming

Future plans

You can continue contributing the project by adding customized tools or functionalities such as sign transcation offline, etc.

Preferred HOurs and Length of Internship

Full-time (40 hours a week for 12 weeks during the summer)