Alec is Crazy

Random Idea: Possible discussion about a possible prototype / mvp to test assumptions
[yep, I know how bottom up this seems, but not testing our assumptions has turned around and bit us before]

So, I was in the shower, and one thing lead to another....

Question: How do we provide value to Amir?
Leads to: What business problems is Amir trying to solve?
Which goes to: Amir needs funding....
.... and we just found a fantastic database on grants and funding in the states.
.... We need to ask amir if he can easily transition it to being a US corporation :D :D :D

Idea for 1st pass Prototype for Wybar as a service:

We take on Amir & dealcloser as pro-bono.

Take grants & funding database + all the data we can round up relevant to his target demographics.
Then we do a test run (read: cantankerous attempt) of market intelligence a la research and "enriching" existing datasets.

Again, at hazard of fulfilling the stereotype of zep using excessive caveats,
this is very off-the-wall-I-literally-just-thought-of-it-in-the-shower type stuff here:
We take some rudimentary prebuilt webscrapers (below is just a random sample) and crawl
through the top, lets arbitrarily say, 10 law firms of the next city that Amir is about to visit and haphazardly scrape text data from their public statements, website,
as well as linked in profiles of employees (if this isn't already in the database) for references to dealcloser or any of it's competitors.
step 3: ???
once we've been able to somewhat predict which law firms are using one of his competitors - or more specifically which ones are not using
his competitors, we package a high-value target dossier [trenchcoats optional] on companies and notable employees.


Step 5: Funding Secured.

If there is one link that you click on - make it this one:

Appendix of Creepy:

Web Scrapers Galore:

Lots of prebuilt sale lead extensions to compile contact info (and even recreate profiles)

Seriously, why are we even filling out linkedin as if humans are going to read it? Should be in an spreadsheet.

Chrome extensions for Text Analysis suck tho..

  • TxtAnalyser by
  • Text Analyzer (Beta) by Jorge C

Now we start getting into the creepy, literally your data blueprint is everywhere

Apparently I've been searching the web like a n00b

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