The Sixth Sword of Sorrow: Mary receives into her arms the body of Jesus taken down from the Cross

(cf. John 19:38

O Mother of Sorrows, your heart was drowned in
grief as you embraced the lifeless corpse of your
Son. He who was your very life was now dead.
Your light in this life was extinguished. Yet you
accepted this sorrow with love knowing that it
was all part of the Fatherโ€™s plan of salvation.
Through this bitter sword of sorrow obtain for us
the grace to accept with patience and love the
sorrows that befall us in this vale of tears, firmly
believing that God works all things to the good
for those who love Him.


  • 1 Our Father

  • 7 Hail Maryโ€™s


  • Holy Mother hear my prayers, and renew in my heart each wound of Jesus my Savior.

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