The Third Sword of Sorrow Mary seeks Jesus lost in Jerusalem

(cf. Luke 2:41-51

O Mother of Sorrows, what grief filled your heart
as you and Joseph searched desperately for Jesus
when you could not find Him among your
relatives and friends returning home from
Jerusalem. When your Son replied that He must
be about His Fatherโ€™s business, you accepted that
He had begun the mission that would lead to His
sacrificial death. The sorrow of those three days
of separation prepared you for the three days of
suffering you endured while His body lay lifeless
in the tomb. Through this bitter sword of sorrow
obtain for us the grace to accept the ways of
Divine Providence even when we do not
understand them.


  • 1 Our Father

  • 7 Hail Maryโ€™s


  • Holy Mother hear my prayers, and renew in my heart each wound of Jesus my Savior.

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