I.2022.12.09 Porn Is A Cage

The world wide web, which pushes the poor substitute of porn (advertising itself as panacea for the ills of life), also provides much more. If we can surf away from the pages of our self-oppression we can find many openings to new constellations of connections and ways of wending the world. The bars stopping us from seeing our own beauty and freedom are the bars of advertised sexual liberation. When we walk away from the lure of sexual images, videos, texts, audio, or virtual realities we don't necessarily walk directly into a new relationship to the world. However, over time our chances of finding some pointer to this new way increases.

In many ways bad news is easy. Look almost anywhere. However, by continuing to look with a conviction that there must be something more, this is when you are most likely to find it. It is generally when you are looking for something that you have most use for it when you do find it.

We should no longer place our liberation as contingent on another. We should no longer route our conception of the world through the mind of someone else. We should no longer let faith itself be dominated by institutions of bondage. We should no longer settle for regurgitated ideas and mass produced doggerel clogging our mental faculties.

Having lived a lifetime in that cage, I now see its dissolution. It's a cage you can dissolve with distance. It's a cage of habit and learning that can be changed or unlearned. It is an addiction to an endogenous chemical hit, delivered remotely: outrageous action at a distance. This conspiracy exists to deprive you and I of mental peace; to rob us of energy that could move the world towards greater balance, equity, harmony, and freedom; and to keep us hooked to better manipulate politics for selfish ends. This conspiracy is playing itself out in cages all around the world.

Resist. Resist. Resist.

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