You won't believe what's been on this dude's mind! 😱

On a daily basis (literally), I listen to and read about how Facebook does sneaky shit without our consent, silently buries posts, deletes groups for whatever reason, aids in manipulation of political outcomes, etc., etc. Whether or not a lot of that is intentional, they straight-up don't see that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and will deny any culpability on their part.

Facebook is full of dark patterns made to trick people into giving consent as well. Oxymoron, I know.

And, like, knowing there are better alternatives out there that align with my principles and values, it weighs on me that I'm staying on this trash barge because everyone feels like they have no options and are unwilling to even look or try. Which is what institutions like Facebook count on.

Considering all of this, I've been wondering if it's time I take my leave and seek community elsewhere. Settling for what's convenient isn't really working out for me.

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