Building a website with Zim Wiki

Zim Wiki is a pretty impressive piece of software. I used it many years ago, but back then it had a more limited feature set, and not everything worked as expected (I don't remember all the details). So I gave up after a few months of heavy use.

I've been using Zim an increasing amount over the last several months. One of the things I like is the ability to export a wiki as a full-blown website.

I use the Ecodiv-responsive template. I can't stand some of the font choices (they're too light, which makes it hard to read). I go into style.css, style1.css, style2.css, style3.css, and style4.css and delete "Open Sans" everywhere it appears. I change font-weight: 300 to 500 when I find it.

Then I go into the html export and add the path to Ecodiv-responsive.html (where it's saved on my computer). The export leads to a really nice website, complete with links to any files.

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