Biometric residence permits (BRPs)

What a BRP is

You'll get a biometric residence allow (BRP) if you:
apply to come to the United kingdom for longer than 6 months
extend your visa to longer than six months

apply to settle in the Uk
transfer your visa to a new passport
apply for selected Home Workplace travel documents
You do not have to apply separately for a BRP. You'll get a single instantly if your visa or immigration application is accredited, or you're changing an older document.

What's on your BRP
Your BRP will consist of:
your identify, date and area of birth
your fingerprints and a photo of your encounter (this is your biometric info )
your immigration standing and any problems of your remain
whether you can accessibility public money, for instance benefits and overall health providers
You may well have a Nationwide Insurance coverage (NI) variety printed on the back of your BRP. Not all BRPs have this - it depends on aspects like the date it was issued and your visa status.

Why you need to have a BRP
You can use your BRP to confirm your:
right to examine or work in the United kingdom
right to any public providers or added benefits you're entitled to

Read the guidance about biometric residence permits if you're applying from:
inside the United kingdom
outside the Uk

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