Am I Listed?

Jan 9, 2020

I can't believe that it's a new decade. I'm getting old lol

Dec 3, 2019

Hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving. Anyway i seem to be having strange issues using copy/paste on iOS when using an editor other than the Plain Editor in Standard Notes.

Sept 13, 2019

Happy Friday. Also happy Friday the 13th. 😮 Well anyway, I thought this Friday would not come soon enough. For some reason this week has been dragging ###.

On a side note, I think I finally getting over this sinus infection.

Sept 12, 2019

Good afternoon/Evening... Day one of trying out Listed, though I'm more of a personal journal writer. Well let's see where this ends up going. Ran across this interesting article this morning while I was getting read for work.

"Mark Hurd, the co-CEO of Oracle, is taking a leave of absence, citing health reasons."
From TechCrunch

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