Letters to my future husband - Part 1

It is a normal Saturday afternoon - well, not so normal since the Sun is shining today which is rare in this quintessential little town in southern Germany.

I have already watched 2 movies to pass my time - life as an expat in Germany is not always easy when you do not speak the language. Sometimes you just want to stay in and watch movies rather than socialize. Socializing - something that came so naturally to me before I decided to move to a country without learning the language.

I could not find love before - maybe because I don't settle? Maybe because no guy I ever met was meant for me. Maybe because I needed to grow before I met you - so we could be mature enough to sustain our relationship for life! Lazy weekends like this one - is when I wished you were here already. I often wonder what is taking you so long to get to me. Do you also need to become the man you need to be first for us to be together?

I do not know who you would be. I do not know when I would meet you. I just know that when I do - I am going to know and when I do, I will love you so much with my open heart. The same heart that aches for you to be here right now. But nevermind - once you are here we are going to spend an eternity of happiness and fights and struggles together! We will grow old together. And this is what soothes my aching heart right now.