learning goals

Balanced research
During my current study I got used to applying research by mostly using theoretical sources only. Collecting lots of facts, articles and research papers felt like a reliable way to create a base to work from conceptually. On the other hand, the research pattern that I’ve developed is disadvantageous in time and energy, which causes lack in experimenting and creating a corresponding visual language. Spending equally divided time and energy in theoretical, artistic and visual research will help me finding a working balance that benefits concept and visual language.

Symbolic deepening
Adding symbolic elements within my visual work reflects my identity as an artist and designer. It has changed the way I design, from dark backgrounds, white text and one color glowing outlines to bright colours, fluid shapes and symbolic details. Using ancient symbols during my internship has given new insights in narrative design. I think it’s amazing how one small element can carry so much information about different themes, while adding more underlaying meaning at the same time. Until now most of the symbols in my work are being chosen by feeling and basic knowledge. Digging further into ancient symbols and their background is a way for me to learn about the history of different cultures and communities. Getting to know more about those cultures can help me create better global understanding, which might contribute in putting things into perspective regarding to my own background. Next to this, symbolic deepening in the context of communication will make keep me to being critical and aware of why I should or shouldn’t use specific details.

Expert’s expertise
I will be researching an ancient culture of which it’s precolonial history isn’t documented well and the real truth of later history is being suppressed by their former sovereign state. I think the most insightful way to learn about a culture is to get involved, which is partly done since I’m part of the Moluccan culture. To dig deeper into unknown elements of my culture I find it important to gain knowledge through experts varying from professors and scientists to Moluccan people with different life experiences regarding their background. Getting involved with other people (from my culture) is a way of getting out of my comfort zone for multiple reasons, I hope it will make me feel more comfortable to mix with my people without feeling judged or ashamed for being brought up by Dutch standards.

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