research question

How does an indigenous cultural law survive within modern society?

A common Moluccan character trait is Moluccan pride, pride to protect and celebrate our unwritten cultural law. This unwritten law, called adat, dates back to the time of the indigenous people from the Moluccan islands: the Alifuru. The Alifuru lived a spiritual way of life, where all natural things are believed to have a soul, and death is the fertility of life. Finding their general beliefs has made my semi-spiritual heart realise that part of my indigenous identity has been living through me all along.
The urge to understand the philosophy of the Alifuru and implementing it within my own way of life comes from multiple personal reasonings. Most importantly, the culture and land of my ancestors is slowly disappearing as a result of factors such as political climate, human rights violations, genocide, colonisation and climate change. Using my voice to speak for the ones whose voice are being unheard has been the motivation for all my projects, this time I'm using my voice to tell my own unheard story. This project is my way to use my Moluccan pride in advantage and thank my ancestors for the battles they have fought. To stand for my family on the islands who still live in a dangerous climate where they are not allowed to celebrate our Melanesian roots. For my grandparents who waited to return to their home in safety until their death. And for the Alifuru culture Iโ€™m proud to be part of.

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