The Dyson Zone is a weapon

The Dyson Zone looks like the sort of overpriced toy a few rich people will buy to show off. It's not: it is a weapon1.

In particular it is a way of weaponising COVID for the very selfish. What it does is to filter air, and then blow a stream of it at the terrorist wearer. That air then gets mixed with their outgoing breath and actively spread, with no further filtering and under pressure from the fans, into the environment around them.

So imagine someone with COVID (or some other disease spread by aerosols in breath such as the common cold, flu or whatever pandemic is coming down the pipes next) – symptomatic or otherwise – goes into a confined, crowded space like a tube train wearing this thing. It is hard to imagine a better approach to actively spreading the disease to everyone around them.

This is a weapon.

  1. It probably has not been designed as one: its designers probably have merely not have been paying any attention to the mechanisms by which COVID is spread. You would rather hope that people involved in the design of air purification systems would pay attention to things like this, though? It also seems difficult to imagine that no-one in the company thought, at all, about what this machine does, and what it is. 

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