Giant brain

The Giant Brain speaks.

Net Zero has nothing to do with fighting climate change.

I see. Stopping net greenhouse gas emissions will not prevent a process caused by the emission of greenhouse gasses. The Giant Brain speaks, and we must listen. Never mind that climate scientists tell us otherwise: they are merely experts, not Giant Brains. Many of them are, you know, members of the hidden elite: do not trust them.

It cannot have any effect unless the big countries get onboard; China, India Russia and the USA. All of whom will drop NetZero as their internal politics demands.

Again the Giant Brain blesses us with its vast wisdom. So 'because, perhaps, some other people, bigger people, may choose to murder their children, why, we can just choose to murder ours, it will make no difference. And we certainly should not be, you know, setting a good example by showing that we can do what is necessary not to do that, no no'. Gosh, we can apply this reasoning quite generally can't we? 'Because a lot of people fiddle their taxes I should fiddle mine as well.' 'Because lots of people exceed the speed limit, I should do that as well.' 'Because my vote is just one vote and will not make any difference, I should not vote.' Oh Great Brain you are so wise! Your wisdom, truly, is endless and without bound!

Fighting Climate Change means adaptation. Which means increasing wealth to build infrastructure. NetZero wastes resources for no benefit.

Again the pearly drops of wisdom drip upon us from the Great Brain! But wait, hold on, hold on. Adaptation, you say: we should not care about emissions but adapt. Because it won't be so bad here, will it? I mean, there will be floods, heatwaves which kill people and so on. The seas will keep rising and in due course we'll lose most of our coastal cities like, you know, London, but that won't be for a while: sea-level rise with unabated emissions will only be 2.2m by 2100, so we can probably keep the coastal cities alive until then although at the cost of, well, trillions of pounds perhaps. And of course all the beaches will be gone and so on, but no-one will miss those. So, yes, it will be shit – much, much shitter than it is now – but we can adapt. We can maintain growth. I mean physics says that's not possible when that growth has any physical correlate, but that's just physics. We can invent a new, more convenient physics. A physics for the people, not a physics that only elite scientists with their elite ability to do hard sums understand. You know, an alternative physics, with alternative facts. Yes.

Except, except, except, there is more. There are, after all, other parts of the world. parts of the world where it will get too hot too often for humans to stay alive. Well, we don't care much about those people, of course: most of them don't even have skin the right colour. But those people care about those people, unfortunately. So those people are going to want not to die. They're going to, you know, move. Hundreds of millions of them, a vast tide of humanity moving (mostly) north. And here we are in our comfortable (well, not comfortable, but still habitable) country. How are we going to adapt to a refugee crisis hundreds of times larger than anything anyone has ever seen, do you think? We await your drops of wisdom, O Giant Brain.

Or, I don't know, perhaps you're just repeating whatever nonsense you heard in whichever nest of lies you inhabit?

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