How to set Scrum priority then deliver?

Writing challenge 第6天:
Scrum 践行笔记- How to set Scrum priority then deliver?


  • setup backlog for one week, keep team busy, always have enough backlog.
  • Sort backlog, highest value + lowest risk backlog on top. P3 + quickest validate.
  • Daily standup meeting.
  • Estimate vision roadmap ( year goal, month goal ), it will change.
  • Turn vision roadmap to backlog.
  • Team see vision in Kanban flow, burn down chat.
  • Don’t spend to long time on planing, plan will change.
  • Keep OODA cycle. It will remove fear, confusion competition by fast speed.
  • Ready to swap to ESL 20% create 80% value.


  • The key for Scrum is OODA. Moving fast toward highest value + lowest risk, and iterate quickly.


  • Implement Scrum in Jira. Test with my project, LTW project.
  • Win backlog daily, iterate Sprint weekly, Only review mapping monthly.


  • Why I spend too much time on planning.
    Because I don’t know what to do, the planing is guessing. I fear of lost.

  • Every project planing is guessing. Only when you deliver ESL 20% fast, and use OODA, you will know what to do next.

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