Full and empty part II...

Finally, there is something coming in front, a redundant thought: I lost my families; all of them.

My father died over twelve years ago.

His succession brought pain and selfishness in all families.

My sister tried to sue me to get the entire legacy.

My mom looked a this and did nothing to help us in this hard and painfull situation.

My father's family have stolen thousands of dollars and wanted more.

My mother's family wanted their share as well.

I became a puppet.

I sent them all to hell.

I leave them all behind for five years.

I never wanted to have kids since I was fifteen years-old.

This made that wish stronger.

I always did what I had to do, to do not have unpleasant suprises related to this.

Now, it is radio silence. Nobody talk to each other anymore. Holidays and celebration days are dull. Fighting with each other is a common thing and I do not see any way it can be fixed.

I lost my families. The only living being I can consider family is my cat.

So my christmas, new years, birthdays, ..it is all with my cat.


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