So, I have a new roommate..

..her name is S. She is a wonderful black and white female of about five years old.

She is a cat.

It is 5:35 am and I know my mom does not have coffee this morning. I know, because I had to borrow her coffee two days ago and she asked me to grab some for her at the grocery store when I saw what was left. So at the door upstairs to gave her coffee.

First question I was asked: « do you wan to go at the vet with the cat please? She pees around the litter since J (her other cat, another female) is gone and I do not know what to do with her. I am going in vacations soon and I will not be able to go if she is doing this. »

..... .... ....... ..hmmmm how is it said...oh yes: WHAT THE FUCK iS WRONG WiTH YOU???

Ok, so your cat pees around the litter, not in anymore, since a dramatic event happened and you want to put her at sleep for good for this?? At 5:30 am?? Talking about not being able to leave in vacations, because of this??


Enough is enough. Since a bit more then a month, fourty-two days to be exact, my mom is talking to get rid of S for stupid reasons. We were not even out of the vet, when J had to be putted at sleep and she was talking to get rid of S, mainly because she did not want animals anymore. I did everything I could to convince her not to; she still has one animal to take care of and both will need eachother for a little while to go throught this. It looks like the only way of my mom was to get rid of S as soon as she can, so she can barry and forget.

Sooooo I took S out of the place right away. She is in my home now with M; my cat.

Both were friend with J and they have lived togheter, the three of them, for about six months in 2016. Also J and M lived togheter for near three years before this time. We were living in a intergenerational house we (me, my mom and her ex-boyfriend (that I really do not like) - bougth at the time. Then my mom moved, I was out of town, I was coming back soon and OF COURSE taking back M with me.

S was the cat of the mom of her ex-boyfriend - that I do not like really - and my mom took S with her when the mother died. J was used to live with M and I was coming back home moving in my own place.

I could not let her go so easy like this. This problem can be corrected. My mom just does not want to help it.

It started she was peeing at the door where J got out of the place the last time. We thought it was to help J to find her way back home. S will understand that she is gone and will stop.. and it stopped.. well, sort of..

After using some tricks or her own (my mom is very granny tricks) she (S) did go back near by the litter, but not in and for peeing only. Poops are in the litter. Once again, we thought it was to help J to find her way back home. AFter all, their litter is the center of their universe. When there is a litter, there are also shelter, food, comfort and love. S still have hope the J came back and she can find her friend back.

Now that she has an ol'friend back with her, in a new place, maybe she will come back normal and pee in her litter. For now, I will keep the separated.


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