Alex Hunter

Want to become a well polished, articulate thinker. #100Days

The Feynman Technique

--Day 1-- The Feynman Technique is a technique attributed to the world renowned physicist, Richard Feynman. Who is Richard Feynman? Richard Feynman was an American theoretical physicist who contributed majorly in the fields of Quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and many other physics related fields. What is the Richard Feynman Technique? The Feynman technique was not created by Richard Feynman but was named after him. How can we practice it? The best way to check if you really understand someth...
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0th Day Hey the name is Hunter, Alex Hunter. I am taking up the 100Days challenge and will do my best to complete it and surpass it. I will officially start from tomorrow as the first day. I will talk about all random topics, anything that comes to my mind. This is a test run🚗. ...
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