my interest- playing the piano

Recently I have taken it upon myself to learn how to play piano. This interest didn't just appear. I've always had a passion for music but recently I decided to actually learn how to make music or at least recreate music. The reason why I wanted to learn how to play the piano specifically was because I always watched this cover "taking pictures of you" on youtube. I liked this song for not just its lyrical writing but also for the instrumental part, which in the cover is the piano. So finally I took it upon myself to learn this song on the piano.

Later on, I discovered the sheet notes for the piano of the song. the sheet notes didn't really help me because I don't know how to read notes but luckily I had a friend of mine who was also interested in learning how to play the song.

My friend is very talented at playing the piano and so evidently she can read sheet notes. She was kind enough to help me learn the song. We did this by face-timing whilst both being next to a piano. At first she played the whole song for me and despite the fact that I can't play the piano it seemed easy enough to try and learn. After a while I was able to play the notes of the song but not very well.....yet.

And due to me finding this interest during online school I was able to practice between lessons and so I learned how to play the notes on the right rhythm quite quickly. Another thing that helped me improve greatly was that my friend and I would share videos of us playing the song on the piano and then she would give advice on how to improve. Soon after I mastered "taking pictures of you" on the piano. I think doing this has made me appreciate music more and also it has grown my interest in learning how to play the piano. In the future I think that I might learn more songs.

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