Analysis of page 21 chapter 1 Touching the Void

Analysis of emotive language.

In this extract from Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, the author uses emotive language throughout the extract. A few examples that can be found in the first paragraph are “calming and tranquil” and “lethargy” and in the last paragraph an example that is found is, “awed” and 'fantastic”. In the first paragraph all of the emotive language that is used creates an overall calm and relaxed mood. This contrasts with the emotive language used in the last paragraph because the emotive language used then suggests excitement and enthusiasm. The mood in the last paragraph completely contrasts with “lethargy” since it is the opposite of this. The effect that this has on the reader is that it reminds the reader that things can take a turn very quickly, in this case it is the mood changing from relaxed to excitement. This could also indicate that things will change quickly, and foreshadow that a feeling of being relaxed and excited could change.

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