film scene analysis presentation: Joe comes out of the cave

In the scene where Joe comes out of the cave in Touching the Void, the function of the scene is to show that Joe achieved the impossible. After Joe was stuck in the crevasse and almost had accepted his death, he found a way out. The non-diegetic sounds in this scene such as music help show Joe's emotions. The music is orchestra music which often can portray multiple emotions at once which relates to Joe's emotions in this scene since he has just achieved the almost impossible (gotten out of a cave with a broken leg).The closer Joe gets to the outside of the crevasse the higher the pitch and the volume of the music becomes this makes the music sound happier and more joyful, this then indicates to us that Joe is getting closer to being happy. Finally the music used when Joe is out of the cave is very similar to disney music specifically the songs they play when the characters have a happy ever after, this also then indicates to us that Joe will have a happy ever after himself (we also know that he will come out alive because he talks in the movie).

10-15 minutes.

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