film scene sound analysis

COMMENT on how emotion is conveyed through music and sound.
scene: 1:31:09- 1:34:00

In Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, in the scene where Joe is laying in the rocky mountains the emotion of delusion is conveyed through the music and sound.

The diegetic sounds we can hear in this scene is the wind and also the synchronous sound of Joe squishing the rocks and mud. These sounds are quite calming normally but during this scene it is not because of the voice-over being added on top of this. This gives the audience a sense of chaos because we are unable to focus on just a single sound.

Furthermore the asynchronous background music playing in this scene creates an emotion of delusion because it contrasts with the sounds of the scene. The music by Bony M is very upbeat and loud. This contrasts with the diegetic sounds because they are calming and not insanely loud. The delusion from this scene comes from the fact that the music does not match what emotions Joe should be going through which is sadness.

To conclude, The emotion of delusion is conveyed through music and sound by the diegetic sounds and music contrasting with each other.

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