How does Fitzgerald use details of setting and imagery to establish a mood in another chapter?"

Fitzgerald uses diction in order to establish a festive and uplifting mood, highlighting the contrast between the West egg and the valley of ashes. In the second paragraph of chapter 3 we can see an example of this when Nick describes the lights in the house being " enough coloured lights to make a Christmas tree". By comparing the lights at the party with lights from a festive holiday, it instantly creates a happy mood as it produces an image in the mind of the reader of being with a happy family, being cozy, and sharing moments of laughter together. This same image is also created when Fitzgerald uses the alcoholic beverage choice of "cocktails" to describe what's happening. The writer could have easily chosen to use wine or any other alcoholic beverage but by using "cocktails" it helps establish an uplifting mood. This alcoholic drink is a very happy drink in the sense that it is usually very colourful and festive looking. Adding onto this, the drink is also only primarily made for festivities. This helps create that image of happy and joyous moments for the reader. At this point of the chapter the reader can already clearly identify the mood change between chapter 2 and chapter 3, they can see the vast difference between the lifestyle of people in this fragment and their state of mind. In this fragment everything highlights happiness and colour, whilst in chapter 2, everything is lifeless and dull. In order for Fitzgerald to establish a festive and uplifting mood he also uses the words "enthusiastic" and "laughter". `These words immediately create a sense of liveliness, it creates the sense that there are a lot of people that are having a good time. Enthusiasm is often used when someone is happy and so it also pairs well with the word "laughter". These words add onto the experience that Nick has during this party because he got to see the difference between living in the West egg and living in the valley of ashes.

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