task 2 practice fair

The spotlight of darkness solely sits on the carousel. All else that is around the carousel is bursting with brightness. Vines are coming out of the cracks from underneath the concrete floor, and they are growing its way up the royal blue and white fence. This carousel is clearly a burden. The rusty carousel is shaped as a crown which suffered from a severe fall. The ruler of this crown would be a king who is chaotic and disorganised. It seems as if the owner of this crown is not very particular with keeping its valuables safe. Off-putting colours, rusty broken doors, cracks all around the carousel. This carousel can be an ancient artefact for a museum. Naturally no one wants this carousel, it is cursed. There was occasional ruffling of the tarp material which was caused by the wind. The gushes of wind do not add a refreshing feeling, the wind reminded you of creepy jingles which play in the background of horror movies. The cracked mirrors immediately catch the attention of a superstitious mind but that does not mean that only superstitious minds find this place haunted. Do not be oblivious to the echoes and whispers from the winds.

good: I came up with unique figurative language

could be better: - my sentences were not very cohesive.
- my movement in my piece was not very smooth.

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